Thursday, September 30, 2004

very tense

my shoulders are very tense now. i can't get my links to look the way i want them to in the side bar and it's really frustrating me. must ask melanie how she got hers to look the way they do. for some reason, my template didn't have a section where i could just fill in links. it would make everything so much easier for me. arg...gotta go eat some ice cream before i cry.

new journal

yay, i think i figured out how to use this. i just spent a very frustrating 15 minutes changing the name of this blog. arg...i think i'll like this blog better than my old one once i figure out how to use all the features. opendiary got hacked into and some of my entries are lost. they're taking a really long time to recover the entries so i decided to switch to blogger. i like the idea of having an url instead of going to a site and looking up a journal.

i am currently listening to joss stone's new cd, 'mind, body, & soul'. right now i prefer her first album but i haven't listened to all of this one yet. her first one is mostly covers and the new one of mainly original material (i think). i love her voice. too bad jason forgot to buy tickets last time she was in town. oh well, there's always next time. and i'll buy the tickets before the gig is sold out.

i developed some rolls of film today and it turns out that one of the rolls was blank and another was double exposed. damn camera/film rolls. i have an aps camera so i don't understand why the camera didn't tell me that i was out of shots and why the film canisters didn't tell me that the film was already exposed. time to invest in a digital. at least one roll of film turned out well.

i got my tna pants hemmed! hurrah! now i can wear them without looking ridiculous. i didn't intend on buying them when i walked into the store but i tried them on because i wanted to see how they'd look. i can't tell you how comfortable they are *sigh*. they're so soft and stretchy! good thing it's fall now and they're not coming out with anymore different colours because if they were, i'd go broke buying them. i think i'm going to lay off aritzia until the spring.

green grapes are the best. i'm only writing about this random topic because i just ate a bunch of them. they were great. nice and crisp. mushy grapes are worse than brown bananas. i am waiting for some bananas to go bad so i can make some bread with them.

haha, my mother just called me and told me to throw out her vioxx. apparently they cause 'cancer' now and that she's worried she'll forget that and taken them one day and then die. i don't understand why people are so afraid of everything. all those lab test are based on people who've been on the drug for a really long time or lab mice that are fed more of the drug/food in question than a human would ever consume at any one time. crazies.