Wednesday, January 23, 2008

every body else is doing it

well, that's not entirely true as i've only read two of my friends' blogs that they've done this in. and what is it that those two friends have done, you ask? blog about their NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS!! so let's start my list (in no particular order).

1. reach my goal weight of 120 lbs
my goal weight last year was 125 lbs but then i bought a scale and found out that i had already went down from 140 to 130 therefore i figured another five pounds wouldn't be all that hard to drop. to help me reach this goal, i've started using i've tried just writing down what i ate many times before but this site breaks down the calorie intake of all the food you eat and really lets you know how much you're consuming. one thing i learned recently: no more big pots of homemade tomato meat sauce for my spaghetti. clocking in at 669 calories per serving, that's more that half of my daily caloric needs in order to lose weight. i've also stopped eating at work simply because i'm bored. now i'm chugging water and dying for bathroom breaks all throughout my shift. fun times!

2. be more disciplined in my spending
along with my food log, i've been saving receipts and writing down what i've been spending for the past few months now. although december was a bit of a write off as i got way to busy/tired with work and all the social festivities that december demands of you.

my dining out has been reduced by a fair bit mostly because i'm trying to lose weight and i'm eating at home more so i know what i'm actually ingesting. i haven't been to the jason george nearly as often as last year. i just haven't been in the mood to go out after work lately and i'd rather not drink a days worth of calories. the last time i went out i nursed maybe two drinks and then switched to soda. just didn't feel like boozing it up.

i've also cut back on being a lazy bitch and started walking to work. the extra 15 minutes of sleep may be nice in the morning but it sure sucks finding out how much you spent on cabs to work in a month when you only live a 20 minute walk away.

3. pay off all commercial debt
that was a major goal last year and i paid off (and cancelled) my hbc card and i'm well on my way to paying off my rbc visa but my cibc visa still looms heavily over my head. i need to get my gym membership transfered either to my rbc visa or have it taken out of my bank account instead of my cibc visa. i feel like i make progress in paying it off but then the monthly charge gets tacked on and it makes two payments seem in vain once you add on interest.

4. and that brings us to fitness...
so i have this gym membership that i've done nothing with in the last, lets see, forever? the last time i went to the gym was probably four to five months ago and i was doing really well with going three to four times a week and then all of a sudden i stopped. don't really know why, but i did. now i need to be my ass back there. it's not like it's ridiculously out of the way. i'm just a lazy bitch. must get into a routine of going to the gym before or after work. i need to tone my arms and just tone up over all especially since i have a trip planned to mexico at the end of february and a wedding to go to in april. and for all i know, my sister-in-law could show up at any point with the possibility of having a wedding reception. and asian people are jerks and bitches when it comes to pointing out how fat or thin people are.

5. be less judgemental
i think i'm okay with this but i know i could be better. stop making fun of people for just being them. stop scolding them in my head. stop making people feel bad just to make myself feel better. just stop all that nonsense.

i'll stop at five for now. maybe i'll add more later.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

streaming me

oh what a day it has been. got a talking to today because i ordered too much food for a table and they called back to complain. not contesting that at all because i did feel bad about how much food i brought back from the table. no official letter but a warning. i'm not sure if it will be a "severe" warning but a warning none the less. i must be more consistent at work. one minute i am small praises, the next i blank out and get a talking to. that will be my "professional/business" goal for this year: be consistent. the captain's table loved me today. every time i walked up to them there was one lady either talking about vaginas, sex, or pretending that she was from another country and talking with an accent with her pashmina wrapped around her head like a turban. to each there one.

what the hell is with all the chicks walking around with cropped leggings and boots that don't meet up with said leggings? i wore leggings today thinking that it was warming enough out but it wasn't. i wasn't freezing by any means, but serious ladies, it is way to cold out to have bare, or partial bare, legs right now. and it also looks a little funny but i'd be more concerned about the frostbite factor than the fashion factor.

i didn't plan my meals out very well this week. i currently have two salmon fillets marinating in pc teriyaki marinade, a pound of lean ground beef in the fridge, and not enough veggies to accompany one meal. i think i'll have one of the fillets with salad for dinner but after that i'm not really sure what i'm going to do with the rest of it. i will make a meat sauce at some point but i need to make sure that i'm going to eat it all as i didn't like what happened to the last batch that i froze. they didn't taste weird or anything but i didn't really plan well for those either and they took forever to defrost whenever i was in the mood for pasta.

the bf and i have decided that we will do our christmas gift exchange this sunday. i suppose it's about time but i haven't gotten very much for him yet. as i got him and xbox360 for his birthday last year, there isn't much i can to do top that and his parents got him a laptop so there really isn't much i can do to top that. except take him to mexico but that's not happening. maybe in another year or so but not right now. but it would be nice to go away together.

mimi is doing a fabulous job of researching resorts to go to at the end of february. i feel like i really should plan the trips for the next two years as i have done very little research for our warm getaway this year and i didn't diddly squat for nyc this year. must start planning now. too spoiled with tour guide claudia and trip planning mimi. must do some of the work myself. so much easier when others do it for you.

enough stream of consciousness for now. maybe later.