Friday, March 28, 2008

steady as she goes

i've decided that this year i am finally going to run the cibc run for the cure. after three years of registering for the race and not actually running it, it's time to go for it. since coming back from mexico, i've been going to the gym regularly mostly because i realized i was throwing away money by paying for a membership that i wasn't using. it didn't hurt that i had a slew of personal training sessions that i had paid for but hadn't used yet either.

i did a lot of cross country running as a kid in carberry but i didn't keep it up after moving back to toronto. the whole team sports thing took over and running along didn't seem nearly as appealing. i remember being able to run 4km in about 20 minutes so i'm hoping to be able to run 5km in 30 minutes come october. i'm slowing adding minutes to my run on the treadmill at the gym but i know it's different running outside on concrete. i hope my knee can handle it.

i'm starting to play volleyball again, which i'm SUPER excited about, and it feels so good be on the court again. i would love to work on my hitting but if there are two guys on the team that are both a good 8 inches taller than me, maybe i'll leave the hitting up to them and work on my setting.

i really don't feel like going to the gym right now but i've started putting little heart stickers on my calendar for every day i go. i haven't set up a "reward system" for myself with said stickers yet but i'm thinking something along the lines of "12 stickers in 14 days and get can buy a new purse/pair of shoes/dress/etc..." i will report back after i get to 12 stickers.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

i don´t want to go home, dammit!

tomorrow is my last full day in mexico. i wish i could extend my stay but alas, that is not meant to be. i have purchased more things than i had anticipated so later tonight i must play a game of tetris with my suitcase. i hope nothing breaks or gets crushed on the way back.

i am brown. very, very brown. my nose is a little red but for the most part, my minor sun burn has healed and now i´m just nicely toasted all over. well, not ALL over as i did not do any nude sun bathing.

the ocean kicked my ass. the waves are unusually high and we haven´t been able to swim in the ocean for the past three days so it´s all been pool swimming. when we were allowed to swim in the pacific, the tide keep pushing and pulling me about and throwing me into the beach. it isn´t so bad except that the sand is really rough and it feels like i´m getting slammed into sand paper. and you also end up with a bikini bottom full of sand. and let me tell you, it´s the best feeling ever!! NOT!!! but i still want to swim in the ocean one last time before leaving. even if it means i´ll be taking some mexican sand home with me. i also discovered that boogie boarding is harder than it looks and it can also cause some physically pain meaning that the boogie board kicked my ass too.

no more mexican "food babies" after tomorrow =( i keep stuffing myself with way more food than i need. some of the desserts are funny textured but i suppose that´s a good thing because it keeps me from eating them. the girls i am with will be heading in town very soon and we will be stuffing our faces with some super duper delicious tacos. $2.50 for 5 tacos!! and the ice cream palour in town is so yummy. if i could bring back ice cream bars for everyone, i would.

now i must plan my next trip. i think i´m going to take my mama to boston...we´ll see...

now, if everyone could please do a little weather dance of some sort and make sure that it´s nice and clear when i get back, it would be greatly appreciated!! =)