Monday, December 26, 2005

roast beast

so it seems that there will be some roast beast. deadstar's kitchen smells like ham because he daddy is baking one. we're going to oi's for dinner. i wonder if it will be just our family or if relatives of other blood lines will also be in attendance.

i have to be at work for 9 tomorrow becuase lauren's in california. i am not looking forward to checking the festive desk messages. i'm sure crazy people have left many rude/angry/panicked messages because they didn't plan for new year's eve until this past weekend. sorry, sometimes the hospitality world gets time off to. well, not sometimes, only during christmas. the rest of the year we slave away. i feel bad for movie theatres - they never close. but then again, i'm sure most of the people working over the holidays volunteered to be scheduled.

i have to get boxes from work tomorrow so i can start packing - i already feel the tension headache...alas. at least my parents don't live in mississauga. that would suck ass.

sleepies *yawn*yawn*

early boxing day shopping excursion
no good finds
opened broswer window and proceeded type as if i were logging on to the distillery events site
je suis fatigué

how the grinch stole bonnie's voice

first off, happy holidays to all!! i think it's kinda neat that christmas and hanukkah is being celebrated on the same day this year.

second, when the hell is my little bro's girlfriend going to learn to speak? we went out for "christmas" dinner (more chinese food) and she didn't say a word the whole time. nothing new really, but it's starting to get very old. they've been dating for at least two years now so she can't say she doesn't know our family. she's a lanky mute. other than the mute factor, she's nice. although if they do end up getting married and having kids, their kids will probably learn to speak later than average because their mother won't be vocally communicating with them. perhaps they will become very adept at secret sign language that only they will know. not very helpful in the big world outside of their house though.

hmmm....what have i done since the 11th?

i saw bryan adams on the 16th at the air canada centre. i was surprised by the number of young girls in attendance. his guitarist is insane - very energetic - so much that i mistook him for bryan adams when they first came out. i met jen at the george for food and bevies before the show and ian had a great time teasing me before going to the show. i like bryan adams but not publicly and i most certainly do not like bryan adams in the form of spoken word performed by the man that slings me beers after work. side note: i'm fairly certain that ian is still with his girlfriend so alas, hands off.

i saw stars at lee's palace on the 18th. good show but too bad lee's wasn't serving any booze because it was an all ages gig and the band was an hour late!! well, they were really two hours late because they didn't play until 4pm and doors opened at 2pm but because deadstar and i are seasoned concert goers, we did not arrive until 3pm. a lot of the people in the audience were really pissed. torq is a very small man and amy is a spaz on stage. i really liked that they were an eight piece band. apparently they just recently found a full time touring violinist (lucky for me) because they would not have sounded as great without one.

what else? i saw "king kong" with alex (not as good as the critics said - this is my personal opinion, please don't attack me, i'm entitled to it). then "memoirs of a geisha" with my lovely cousins and claudia - this was a bad movie. i would be really pissed if i was authur golden. the book was much better. then today i saw "the producers" with deadstar. ferris bueller played a funny spaz. will farrel plays a good neo nazi. lots of gay queens and one mega lesbo too. too bad there were asshole sitting behind us that kept kicking the back of our seats.

so i gotsta move out sometime this week. the guys that's moving in wants to move in on the 27th but sorry, not doable for me. first off, he wants to move in during the afternoon (hi, i'm at work until 6) and i probably don't have a chauffeur until the 29th or 30th. jen was dumb too. i told her to leave me her keys before going home for christmas so i could give this guy a set so we could move in/out without having to coordinate schedules but she didn't. he's going to have to move in after he comes back from montreal. i've paid rent until the 31st and it's not my fault he's not scheduled to come back from montreal until after the 1st. shit out of luck buddy. i wonder if jen's going to cancel her internet since there won't be a computer in the apartment once i move out.

my dad still has to move an oven and fridge out of the third bedroom to accommodate this mystery mat that's supposedly moving in for school in january. peter told me that he doesn't have his student visa yet so we're not sure if he's evening going to be allowed into the country to attend seneca. oh well. not my problem. i'm glad i will be in new york when this man moves in because i can foresee peter and my father getting into a yelling match about moving furniture/appliances. they're very much the same yet they don't see eye to eye.

i wonder if we're going to have a realy holiday meal tomorrow. these past two days has just been chinese food but maybe my uncle dave will make a roast beast! maybe'll be the first christmas without a western meal in years if he doesn't.

that's enough blogging for me. i hate this keyboard i'm using right now. its keys are very raised and they make a lot of noise. it's odd adjusting when you work on a laptop all day and then use a laptop at home as well. oh, i'm at deadstars'.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

a girl can always dream

You Are a Glam Rocker!

You put the "show" in rock show with your larger than life self.
No doubt, you are all about making good music...
But what really gets you going is having an over the top show.
Glitter, costumes, and wild hair are your thing - with some rock thrown in!