Friday, December 31, 2004

full, very much so

i am super duper full. i ate a lamb shank at work, went to the jason george and had nachos and then a slice of turtles cheesecake. i had brown cow and one and a half pints of strongbow. other than that, i didn't have much at all today. just an apple on my way to work.'s not a lot of food stretched over the course of the day but it's a fair bit of food for an hour and a half. such a little piggy. tisk year's resolution??? i think so...

jen and auston are dating, nes pas? i'm not sure. they're all touchy feely but i don't know if they're dating. i've stopped asking jen because i don't find auston all that attractive. i can't help but say "ew" when i think about him. it's slightly gross. i like him as a friend but never would i think about him romantically or sexually. bleech...

jessica's going away to new zealand for four months. lucky girl. i think i'm going to go out west in the spring. cj was saying how he wanted to go out west by via and i asked if i could join him. the plan is to take the train so we can literally see everything and make stops along the way. he wants to stop and see louise in alberta.

tomorrow is going to be a long day. gotta get off my lazy ass and do stuff in the day and then go to work for a super long shift. i'm scheduled 4 until 4. i'm sure it's going to be longer that then.

my father just came and asked me what a tsunami is. it's so sad and terrible. the news said the death count is over 117, 000. people at work were saying how it's really a lot higher because sri lanka doesn't keep proper records of their people so no one really knows how many sri lankans are missing. i'm very glad that tanya, a girl who i used to work with, finally called home. she's in thailand and no one knew if she was alright or not.

gotta get to bed. i wish my bed had the ability to become uncomfortable in the mornings so i wouldn't want to stay in it all day.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

merry christmas

merry christmas everyone!!! i ate too much food!!! i ate two plates of dinner, drank two mugs of mango juice, and had some fruit after all of that. it doesn't sound like a lot but it was my first meal of the day so my stomach strunk. i didn't plan for it to be my first meal of the day but i ended up being a lazy bitch and staying in bed until really late. i pooed and then contemplated making myself throw up. the over-full feeling went away pretty fast so it was okay. i ate some more fruit after that.

my baby second cousin, sheldon, is so cute! his dad, herbert, told him to give me a kiss so he could take a picture and he kissed me on the lips really fast and then ran to look at the picture on the digicam before herbert got a chance to take a picture. he did it twice! so cute! i must sound really dumb using all these exclamation marks!!! after that, we had some fun with a magnidoodle.

my cousins and i played some trivia pursuit after dinner. we didn't play the actual game. we just asked questions but it eventually turned into 'reach for the top' because i was the only one asking questions and everyone else spazzed and shouted out the answers. claudia was playing too and for some reason, she and mimi would shout out the answers and point at me if they knew the answer. they both got very excited about the game.

i'm going boxing day shopping this year. i haven't gone since my mother took me and my brothers when we were kids. was she nuts? why the hell would you take children to a packed mall on boxing day? not my idea of a fun day. anyway, i hope i'll score some kick ass deals. mimi wants to go for 8:00 a.m. when the mall opens.

anyway, i'm going to read magazines now. once again, merry christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

i want to be a slayer

i saw 'blade trinity' last night. i'm very glad to report that it was much better than the second one. not so much cheese in the third installment. and can someone tell me the hell did ryan reynolds get so damn hot? *drool*drool* oh sorry, lemme wipe my spit off of the screen now. he spends a good 20 minutes topless. *still drooling*

blade kills dracula in the film so will there be another blade film? they left it open ended so who knows. they make a killing with those films.


i thought that i was in a blogging mood, but i'm not. lates...

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

baby, it's cold outside

that's my favourite christmas song. it's the only one that doesn't piss me off and make me hate christmas. 'santa baby' really annoys me because it always sounds like a dumb skanky bimbo is singing it. i heard some carolers outside at pape logan tonight. i remember doing that when i was in choir.


i got everything that i need to make my fudge. i've given up on finding raspberry extract because apparently, it doesn't exist. well, i know that it exists, i just don't know where the hell to find it. i went to sun valley and to the big carrot and neither of them had it. they had all the other flavours though; alas, all useless to me...*sigh*. i googled some more recipes and it turns out that i can just use raspberry flavoured liquor instead. hurrah! my mood was lifted when i learned that.

i also bought all the packaging that i need. so far, this year's christmas giving has cost me roughly $30 for nearly 10 people which is GRRRREAT (tony the tiger great)!!!! three bucks per person, not bad. not bad at all. now i need to buy some cards. i can't decide if i want to get cards made for school children to pass out in class or if i want proper adult cards. it would be cheaper to get the little kiddie ones. maybe i can find some transformers cards! that would be kick ass.

i gotta clean my room tonight. my parents are coming back from florida tomorrow and i have yet to move all of my stuff from the basement. i'm such a procrastinator. i should have done it months ago but of course, i enjoy tormenting myself by leaving things until the very last minute. argh! when will i learn? when??

i also have a least two loads of laundry to do. i've run out of clothes to wear. it's not too bad since i have to work a lot this week so i'll mostly be in my uniform. i'll probably wear sweat pants the rest of the time because i'll be so tired. i love sweat pants!!! and pumas...must buy more.


i am now obsessed with winter coats. i want more and more of them. i want to buy a white one from aritzia. a longer one that covers my butt that also has a hood. jen's going to wonder what the hell is wrong with me. she's already questioned me about the number of coats i have. oh well, she's got a gazillion shoes so she's not one to talk.

i bought two spatulas from williams-sonoma today. the line ups in the mall are hell. avoid them until january if you can. shop online. save precious minutes of your life being wasted from standing in line.


okay, time to stop procrastinating and doing chores.

where are the hot strippers?

i went out to milestones for dinner with some old friends from jack astor's tonight. we must have looked retarded to pepole because we were laughing so much. there were some hot waiters that dropped off food and drinks at our table and we blatantly stared at them. nothing wrong with that.

anyway, some how the conversation turned to strip clubs and tammy said that she had never been so we ended up going to the zanzibar on yonge. not one of the 'dancers' danced. tammy and jen g went and got a lap/table dance which was pretty damn funny. there were a lot of sketchy looking old guys in there too.


on saturday, i got cut from my night shift so i went for dinner with jen b. (i know, jen is such a common name). steaks at podium were really good but i was surprised at how high the bill was. or should i say how low the discount was. i thought there was more of a difference. oh well. at least it was a good meal.

afterwards, we ended up at the underground garage. steve must think that i'm in love with him now because i had smoked some pot and was staring at him all night. not obsessed, he was just the first thing in my line of vision. why does pure spirits have all the hot chefs? we're stuck with little creepy brown guys and gay men. boo!!

afterwards, we went and got chinese food and went to adam's. dean got the guys at the underground to loan him a two-four of corona. around 4:30 jen and adam started to drift off on the couch and they were holding hands. dean and i decided it was time to go home but jen decided to stay the night. i wonder...hmm... i really should stop being so gossipy. why am i so nosy? why?!?!

there was also a guy wearing a green shirt and leather pants. i was going to slap his ass really hard but then steve said he wanted a slap and i tried to get the leather pants dude to stand in front of steve so when i slapped steve, he would hump a leather clad ass. i don't remember the guys name but he looked like a leprechaun because he was dancing all weird. i started singing "we all know where the rainbow goes" from the pot of gold commercials and jen and dean pissed there pants and i had to run away.


i've decided that i'm going to make fudge as presents this year. i bought three pounds of chocolate today for $15 and icing sugar for $1.27 and i have the rest of the stuff that i need. i'm going to make mint chocolate fudge and i also want to make raspberry chocolate fudge but i wasn't able to find raspberry extract today. hopefully i'll be able to locate some tomorrow. anyhoo, off to make my first batch of the season.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

it's been so long

wow, it's been almost a month since i last posted. well, i finally bought a wool coat, found a pair of pumas to buy, and a kid was stabbed to death outside of my old high school. weird. who would have thought there would ever be a stabbing at eyci? the cops say it's gang related.

i'm currently slightly hung over. it was really warm in the bar last night so we all drank a little quicker than we normally do. there was a party at work and we all got out pretty early which was great. i asked a man for his credit card to run a tab and he offered me his hotel room key instead. i told him it was worth very much to me if he skipped out on his bill. my first instinct was to laugh but then i controlled myself. would all the dirty old men please fuck off? thanks!

i'm going to make my guest appearance at podium tonight. i think it's great that they haven't fired me yet. they give me two shifts a week and i end up giving them away every week because there are better shifts at the distillery. i'm pretty sure i'm going to have to give away more shifts next week. i work there but i only show up maybe once every two or three weeks. fun times! i hope marc is working. our standard greeting "hey stranger". =)

i'm thinking about dying my hair black again. i'm not the type who gets attached to my hair but i'm finding it hard to decide whether or not to dye out the pink. i dyed some of it out months ago because it was taking over my entire head. i think it's because i don't like my cut right now. a woman named 'nutty' cut it. why couldn't i just wait for my regular hair stylist to come back from vacation? it would have only been another 3 days. damn me and my impatience.

i went to jamie kennedy wine bar for dinner last tuesday. the food was amazing and it was surprisingly cheap for the amount of food that we ordered. phil was my foodie friend. everyone else was trying to stay on a budget for that night but phil just kept ordering wines. the $12 cheese plate was great. too bad the service sucked ass. he was such a jackass. he would stand by the computer terminal, which was only two feet away, and would look over our table and not make eye contact. the guy only had four tables so i don't know what he was so frazzled about. so, my advice for dining at jk wine bar: go with a group of about 6 and order one of everything on the menu, and ask not to be served by mitko. unattentive jackass...

time to drink some water. i'm glad i'm not nauseous.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

tell me telus

i just bought a new camera phone from telus today and i have to say, never go to the telus store just off of centre court in the eaton centre. the people who work could be replaced with pylons and you wouldn't notice a difference. i went in there first to check it out but then i realize that the people who work there are complete tools. the girl put my info into the computer to see if there were any offers for me. nothing showed up and she said that i had to call client care and talk to them. i left and went to the other telus behind h&m and i can i tell you how much better the service was there. the guy there put my info into the computer and saw that nothing came up and called client care for me to see what they had to offer me. that's why he got commission today and that dumb girl didn't. if you want to the sale, you're going to have to do some work.

unfortunately, telus has disconnected my old sanyo4000 phone and i can't get it to even turn on. i have to call them to have that rectified. i need to get all my numbers off my old phone but i'm waiting for my new phone to charge before i call them. i also need them to waive the $25 account transfer fee. i think it's only fair, they waive the stupid fee and i give them my business for the next three years.

i am currently sipping green tea and nibbling on my mothers yellow sponge cake. i think that it's funny how you can make so many different types of cake with just flour, eggs, and sugar all depending on how long you beat the mixture or fiddle around with the proportions. i think my mother got her recipe from melanie's mom.

to our glorious dead

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark out place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely sing and fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

-Lt. Col. John Macrae

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I'm not feeling barfy!

hurrah! i'm so glad that i didn't wake up with a hang over this morning. the staff party was a bit lame because not very many people showed up. we all went over the bradly's after they did last call. chudi and chris couldn't fit in the basement apartment.

i didn't make it to the food handler course this morning. i wish i had gone last week but no bid deal really. i don't intend to work in the kitchen any time soon.

i just ate a foot long seafood sensation sub from subway. is it just me or does the processed cheese from subway taste way better than cheese you buy from the grocery store? i really shouldn't have eaten the whole sub. i was only going to get a six inch sub but i was being a pig because i had just come from yoga.

i'm so sleepy. hmm...i think i'll go write in my leather journal and read a magazine, and then conk out. yes...sounds like a plan.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

i'm feeling barfy

i ate some day old brownies from the coffee shop that my little brother, peter, works at. i don't know if it's the brownies or if i just ate too much at dinner. i was starving after yoga. i feel better now that i've done some physical activity. my gym clothes were soaked in sweat. they are currently sitting in a bucket of cold water.

peter is now putting legs onto my table top. i like the table top because it's a table top from a restaurant of some sort. i don't know why my parents had it though because i'm positive that we never had black and white table tops in any of our restaurants. i can't believe my little brother has a tool box. isn't that something that only dads and construction workers have? my dad used to have this bright red tool box that reminded me of opitmus prime.

tomorrow i have a pretty full day which i'm happy about. i'm going to yoga, then to the distillery for a cleaning shift, then an art show, and then i have a staff party later that night. i might be going for dinner between the art show and the party. no real concrete plans yet. i have yet to figure out what i'm going to wear to the party. i would love to wear my stiletto boots but i don't know if i want to be having aching feet the whole night. maybe i'll miraculously learn how to walk in them properly and all will be well with my tootsies.

the noises from the power drill are worrying me a bit. i'm scared that peter's going to accidentally drill through the table top and inadvertently put holes in my floor. oh well...that's just a risk that i'll have to take. there's nothing like having fathers and brothers doing stuff for you. go team family!

anyway, time to see if that bitch on ebay has stopped bidding on that eye shadow.


i went to work at podium today and there was supposed to be a reservation for 15 but they never showed up. i knew that they were in the complex because i could hear the kids playing on the simulators but they never came to the fifth floor. turns out that someone working downstairs had told them that we weren't open so they went to frans instead. i was actually rather glad that i didn't have to serve anyone. david made us omelets and when we found out that the party had gone to frans, he told us to clock out and he made us drinks. not a bad sunday really. i got breakfast and an alcoholic beverage.

i finally went and actually bought that gravis yoga bag i've had my eye on forever. they didn't have anymore black ones so i had to settle for the army green on. there's a class at 5:30 that i'm going to try and make. need to get back into a routine with everything.

there's a girl out bidding me on ebay for an eyeshadow. looks like i'm going to have to snipe it at the end. hopefully i'll win it. i like the idea of depriving someone of something we're both bidding on.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

vomit comet

bleck! some girl sitting next to me on the blue night bus threw up some water and a semi-solid substance that resembled cooked egg whites. there was this guy standing in front of her telling her "don't worry. it's happens to everyone." and, "you know you've had a fun night when you throw up on the bus at 3:15 in the morning." if you're going to be sick, get the hell off the bus. or learn to hold your liquor. both of those options work for me. thank god she didn't barf on my sneakers. i would have wiped them off on her jacket.

nothing else eventful happened today. i slept until very late into the afternoon and then had to go to work. i'm going to try and stay up all night to rectify my sleep cycles. here goes nothing...

Friday, November 05, 2004

duloks, they were

remember the cartoon "e-woks" that was on in the 80s? i finally found out the name of those stick like figures. duloks, they were. whenever old cartoons would come up in conversation, i would mention 'them' because i didn't know what they were called but now i do. duloks. must remember that. see? i'm not crazy.

i'm currently looking up a bunch of old cartoons from the 80s. i think it's because jessica dressed up as "jem" for hallowe'en and her and mel were singing the theme song. i didn't remember it the way they sang it so i thought i'd look it up. once that happened, i started going through all of my childhood faves.

i'm rather annoyed that all the sound bites of the theme songs are speed up really fast. why the hell would i want to hear the theme songs sung by alvin, simon, and theodore with even higher pitched voices?

speaking of annoyed, melanie's roommate is rather annoyed as well. hit the redrumster link on the right to read a note she left to my cousin. quite amusing if you ask me. *snicker*snicker*

i went to the eaton centre tonight to get a bottle of clinique 'heart' perfume and passed the new sephora that just opened up today. the line up was gigantic! there were so many women lined up for makeovers and to get in the doors. it looked like a fun time inside (servers were passing out hors d'ouevres and wine) but it sure as hell isn't worth the two hour wait in line. even the opening of h&m wasn't that rammed. i hope those ladies that waited in line got lots of free samples once they got in the store. i'll think i'll try my luck and drop in on tuesday or wednesday next week. hopefully everyone will be at work and school so i won't have to keep apologizing for bumping into people. when i say "people" i suppose i should say "women". the only men there today were either make-up artists that work for sephora, servers, or with the media.

i finally have music in my room! i hooked up peter's old stereo before dinner tonight. now i can blast some music through the wall so andy can experience how annoying it is to have loud music played when you're trying to sleep. i wouldn't mind if he listened to good music but enough of this canto-pop crappola.

gotta go pee and then do the dishes.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

269 according to FOX

well, george w. bush has 269 votes and he needs just one more for another term in office. but that's according to FOX and they announced the wrong president four years ago so i guess i'll have to wait and see. if bush does win, all i have to say is "thank god he's only allowed two terms in a row". matt brought up an interesting point about the u.s. election. he said "if the america is the leader of the free world, then all of the free world should vote for its leader." if only, matt, if only...

i've down two loads of the massive pile of laundry and i still have one more load to wash. how did i accumulate so much dirty clothing? i should have my room set and ready to go by the end of this week or early next week. i'm slacking about it but c'mon now, it's me we're talking about. there's nothing timely about me. strange considering i'm a capricorn. i'm supposed to be anal by nature. i suppose i am in some aspects of my life. being punctual just isn't one of them. terrible habit, really.

staff party next monday. i wonder if we're allowed to bring friends. at bobby's hallowe'en party, ryan's roommate kept telling me that he loved me. the guy (adam?) was dressed up as a construction worker. i kissed him good night when he left but i'd rather not see him again. just awkwardness i'd rather avoid. i hope there's a dance floor. i love dancing. except when guys think i can flamenco and starting twirling me really fast. sorry but spinning, high heels, and this drunk girl don't mix.

stephanos got fired. can't say i'm surprised about that one there. the guy went around the bar and labeled EVERYTHING and i mean EVERYTHING!!! he labeled the cocktail shakers "mixer 1" through to 3. did he think that he was bart simpson with a label maker?

the wall between andy's room and my room is super-duper thin. i can hear the radio very clearly and i can also hear other things that i wish i couldn't hear very clearly. it actually makes me was to gag so i now need to go find some industrial strength ear plugs for when i sleep. i also need to find a good pair of wireless headphones so i don't disturb my mother with my musics when she's sleeping. i wish andy would do the same.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

when in doubt, go drag

that's what ryan did yesterday at bob's party. he showed up in strappy high heels, thigh high fish nets, and a black satin teddy. he also had full makeup on with a black curly wig. he looked like the guy from 'rocky horror picture show'. he was the best thing that i saw all night. it was great that almost everyone dressed up.

dinner at mel's was a bit of a bust. only will and i showed up and everyone else cancelled on her. i made a huge chocolate raspberry pavlova. very tasty. my mother was quite amused by the shape of it when it came out of the over. why are non-chinese desserts so funny to her? i'll never understand.

i'm currently typing while watching tv. i'm in peter's room so i'm not actually facing the computer screen and it's strange how i have to concentrate a little harder. i'm making a lot more spelling mistakes. thank god for spell checks.

i'm going to ask my mother to make me some 'gook foon' because i feel yucky. i need it to get rid of some 'hot air'. don't worry if you have no clue as to what i'm talking about it's a chinese thing.

Sunday, October 31, 2004


i'm contemplating whether or not to attend bob's halloween party as 'gogo' from 'kill bill vol.1'. my friend mel's going as 'the bride' because her ex got her that yellow bruce lee inspired outfit. pretty net if you ask me. robbie's going as one of the 'crazy 88'. i don't know if i want to be wearing a kilt when i'm hammered. who wears short shorts???

i made chocolate orange ooze cupcakes today. the 'ooze' was orange tinted cheesecake filling. quite tasty. i'm supposed to bring dessert to mel's pre-halloween party dinner. it's going to be fun with everyone at the dinner table in costumes. will said he's going to wear an old gi of his with really wide legs and a skirt thingy hanging around the legs. sounds interesting. must remember to buy film tomorrow.

time for a list...

things to do before going to bed:
1) decide on a costume
2) decide on a recipe
3) turn clock back an hour

things to do tomorrow:
1) call megan to arrange a 'hang-out' date
2) go buy things needed for costume
3) go buy ingredients needed for recipe
4) bake
5) get all dressed up
6) head to mel's without dropping the dessert while riding the ttc (maybe will will drive me?)
7) don't get too loaded at bobby's
8) avoided robbie miller's wandering hands

that's a pretty good list so far. i'm sure it will grow when i think about it when i'm lying in my bed.

i've read a lot in the past few days. i'm almost done reading the rest of my david sedaris collection. i need to read some classics next. jane austen and oscar wilde have been sitting idle on my bookshelf for far too long.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

chinese canadian apple pie?

is my father superman? he can build and fix anything and make a er-hu (chinese fiddle) with a coconut shell, and he can also make apple pie. i kept laughing at him tonight when he was moving furniture up into my room. instead of taking the bed frame in two turns, he struggled with all of it at once. my mother's explanation: he's lazy. haha. regardless, it's very reassuring to have my father as my father. i don't know if that makes any sense to you but it makes sense to me.

melanie stayed over for the past two nights. apparently, my house is the new u of t study hall. we went to taro grill on queen west and it was yummy. we started with grilled calamari which i thoroughly enough and a steak sandwich. oi got the "yummy chicken sandwich" which she enjoyed but i didn't like it so much. and it was cheap too. an appetizer, two sandwiches, a sprite, and large bottle of san pellegrino only came up to $35 before tip. i recommend a table by the window so you can people watch and say judgmental things about them...not that i recommend being judgmental but hey, everyone is.

i called in sick today. didn't feel like going in when i knew that i should move more stuff around. i cannot tell you how much hair in on the carpet in my old bedroom. i'm not sure that vacuum can handle all of it. oh well, i'll find out tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

5 parts mercy?

How to make a wildphoenix

5 parts mercy

3 parts courage

1 part ego
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add caring to taste! Do not overindulge!

sloth, i am

i did absolutely nothing yesterday. i cleaned a bit of my room but not a whole lot and i have until the 28th to get everything up there. i got really frustrated with my mess so i stopped cleaning. i need to get a bed frame out of the garage today too.

melanie's here so at least i know that i'll get out of the house at an earlier time today. i need to return my iPod mini, buy a yoga mat and bag (i fell in love with a set at vice on queen west), maybe buy a pair of shoes, and then go to work for 5pm.

i need to start drinking lots of water again. i was really good about it for a month and then i stopped. now i'm feeling sluggish and bloated. however, that can just be premenstural. my lower back pain eased off in the past week or so but it's probably going to flare up again the next day or so.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

gone forever

well, it's official. the files that were hacked into on opendiary cannot be recovered. good-bye forever dear entries.

i got my hair cut by a woman named 'nutty' on thursday. i liked it to begin with but now no so much. it's too short and i feel like i'm wearing a helmet. the hair at the back of my head curves inwards when it dries and i hate it. i've never put so much pomade in my hair as i have in the past two days. maybe i'll like it more when i dye it again. fabio said that i look 'like a mom' which may be another reason why i'm starting to hair my hair. i don't wanna look like a mother, dammit! i'm only twenty!

the people that get fired from 'the apprentice 2' are really dumb. stacy just got fired and if i worked with her, i'd probably be really annoyed by her. she reminds me of this host, sergio, at work. he really doesn't 'get it' even when you explain something every way you including literally drawing him a picture. i was talking to mike when he was cashing me out and i asked him why no ones has fired him. there hasn't been a day i've worked with him without wanting to either a) strangle him or b) stab myself in the eye.

i need to spend all of tomorrow moving my stuff upstairs. you would think that i would be rational and slowly move things upstairs throughout the week but no, i'm a procrastinator and i love leaving things until the last minute. at least there isn't a lot of furniture to go up. i need to go to ikea to get a new table and some other little things.

time to go bake muffins and wash the dishes. and then dye my hair.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

upper respiratory trait illness

ms. ___ was seen by me today regarding upper respiratory trait illness. that's what my doctor's note says. i was very glad to find out that i didn't have a bacterial infection. i've been instructed to gargle with salt water, drink lots of fluids, get lots of rest, and take a decongestant. so far, i've only drank a lot of fluids. right now i'm sucking on a Cepacol Sore Throat lozenge for fast, soothing relief. and it's antibacterial.

I gave these to her and right now, I, deadstar have just sneezed 12 times in a row just for one old lilac-coloured Gap sweater that is dusty form the fall section of the closet. I am also the giver of the lozenges to my dear cousin, wildphoenix, aka. "Breasts."
Bye for now.

hmm...that last paragraph was written by mimi. it doesn't fit my format but alas, i cannot control others.

i hate people. public transit reminds me of that all the time. when the bus pulled up to the stop today, people were so rude. the people boarding the bus didn't wait for the passengers to get off the thing and what's worse is that one of those passengers was a woman with a stroller. they just pushed their way up. what's the fucking rush? the bus isn't going to leave without you and you're not crippled so relax, it won't kill you if you have to stand for ten minutes. to those rude ass people, i'll see you in hell.

off to see the motorcycle diaries. hopefully there won't be an rude ass people in the theatre.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

gobble gobble gobble

happy turkey day all!

i'm all tired right now from a really overheated yoga class. there must have been at least 30 people in the room and all that makes for a lot of body heat. i've never sweat so much in my life.

my father takes at least 30 minutes to rise out of bed. my mother is yelling at him to get his ass up because we're going for dim sum. andy's not going. he told my mom that he has to go to work before we'll be done eating but i think it's because he's hungover. he's making strange gagging noises but i don't know for sure if he is hungover or not. it's getting harder and harder to tell lately.

i'm heading to mississauga later today with melanie. i don't want to fall asleep on the bus or train because i don't want to have a sore neck. hopefully i'll be able to read some. i've bought so many books lately and i haven't had a chance to get to them yet.

i'm getting sick! i feel it in the back of my throat. there's this hard 'lump' that i feel when i swallow but it doesn't hurt. i hope it's not another infection. i had one earlier this year and i was MIA for nearly a week and a half. when i finally showed up at work again, everyone responded by saying "she lives! she lives!" lemme tell you, i wore plenty of make-up that week so i wouldn't look like a corpse. time for tea with lemon and honey. yum.

ttc issues

ugh...i was so tired pulling into broadview station when i got into the station, i went westbound instead of eastbound. i didn't notice that i went the wrong way until i was at sherbourne. and then when i got off the bus going home, i didn't notice that my streetlight was red and the bus almost ran into me. the bus driver honked really loudly and gave me an angry look with his hands in the air. one man on the bus stared at me when it drove past me.

my mother is currently squawking at me. i'm so not looking forward to my parents being home everyday of the week. i'm so use to the them being away five days out of the week. why don't they understand that i don't want to talk to them as soon i walk into the door? nor do they understand what i mean when i say i don't want to talk because i had a bad day. just leave me the hell alone and i'll be fine.

i got called in for a shift at the distillery. the work stations are so messy right now. i want to clean and reorganize it but i didn't care tonight. maybe i'll clean it thursday at lunch when i have nothing to. fortunately, my two schedules don't conflict too much and i only have to get rid of two of my shifts at podium.

i'm looking forward to eating a lot of turkey. i hope no one wants the dark meat. dark meat is so yum. much juicier and more nutritious. there's going to be so much food to consume at my aunt and uncle's place. hurrah!

Friday, October 08, 2004


the woman next to me in the yoga studio farted! and it wasn't a little puff, it was a full on honk. after the class was done, she darted out of the studio but i don't know if that was because she had to get to work or if she was embarrassed. i'm thinking about going to the 6am classes regularly. i really enjoyed being up early this morning but it would have been better if i got more sleep last night.

melanie's roommate, veeebeee, is a retarded psycho bitch. and immature. she likes to change her msn messenger name to things like "roommates are for suckers", "i need a clean roommate", and other things along those lines. my theory is that she has some complex where she always needs attention and likes to fabricate faults in other people. melanie's going to move out december 1st but she hasn't told her that yet. i want her to change her msn name to "instead of eating turkey, maybe you should find your bitch ass a new roommate." i also told melanie to put some crickets in the apartment just before she moves out. then they'll chirp all night and keep her up forever. and i also don't like her because she once told melanie that i'm a 'bad influence'. how does that work? mel's older and she used to make me cry when we were kids.

i sang a birthday song to one of tom's tables at work tonight. none of us wanted to sing so i suggested a jack astor's birthday song. it goes like this: this is the birthday song, and it's not very long! and then you just walk away from the table. the kitchen staff came out to listen to us sing and pissed their pants laughing when we were done. the birthday girl had a huge brown mole and i wanted to stay there and stare at it after we were done singing.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

sick(?) and tired

i feel like i'm getting sick/ my ears are a little achy and i've been coughing a bit. i'm tired because instead of buying groceries and heading home last night, i went out for a bite to eat with melanie and mimi. then when i got home, i didn't sleep for a long while after.

work was good. they've called me twice since i got home but i haven't answered. i think it might have something to do with a credit card that got processed funny that worked out to my advantage. the credit slip that the guest got said the total was $220 and he put the total to $255. however, when i went to cash out, i looked at sales journal and the computer somehow processed the bill as only $200 and that i got a $55 tip instead of $35. hey, it's all the same to the guest's credit card. just lemme keep the extra $20. but then again, they might have been calling for another reason but i guess i'll find out tomorrow. i'd just rather not have to deal with that before i go to bed. if have to give them back $20 tomorrow, i will still have made a bill so that's not a bad night.

ttc bus drivers make $25/hour. i over heard some guy talking to the bus driver on the way home and he asked him. i think that's the starting wage because the bus driver was pretty young. not bad. $25/hour, benefits, vacation time, and a pretty secure job. i wonder if subway drivers make more or less. it seems like it would be a lot harder to driver a bus opposed to a subway or streetcar now that i think of it. i don't like bus drivers that drive really fast. it makes me uneasy. and i really don't like it when bus drivers are talking on a cell phone. 'hello, you're driving a big ass bus! shouldn't you be focusing?'

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

i'm a proud pigeon?

yup, that's what my yoga instructor told me i was today. i didn't know that there was a poses named the "pigeon sequences". i finally got my ass down to the moksha yoga studio and had a pretty good time. sweat was dripping off of me. funny thing is that i feel like i did a really good work out at a gym but i didn't. my thighs are feeling that "post-workout" tingle. i'm going back for more tomorrow.

i've had a great day so far. well, maybe not great but pretty damn good. it's only 3:24 in the afternoon and i've already eating all of my required dairy and grain servings, i got to the bank and got a new ATM card 'cause i lost it, paid some bills, and got my account switched from monthly statements to a bank book. now i need to get to the kitchen table and buy some produce so i can get my fruit and veggie servings. i just hope works goes quickly so i'll be able to get home and eat said fruits and veggies and i also have honey garlic chicken breast marinating in the fridge for later. i also found out about my george brown courses and the news is good: i have the prerequisites.

i got a iPod mini the other day but i think i'm going to return it. my little bro can't figure out how to put songs on it so if he can't do it, i doubt i can. he recommends me getting the iPod with 15gb because you can just drag mp3s over the to the iPod and it loads up easily.

my friend alkan is finally home! he was in china for over a year doing photography. he is one of the most energetic people i know and he's so fun to be around. when we worked together, we spent a lot of time giving people random donkey punches. the best prank he tried to pull on me was when he tried to undo my bra during a shift meeting. he was standing behind me and he had to use both hands and literally grab my bra straps. i didn't understand why he was having such as hard time because even though he's queer as a three dollar bill, he's a fashion photographer so i thought it'd be able to accomplish taking off a girls bra. guess not...

hmm...time to go shower and watch opera before heading to work.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

i am one lazy person

i did only one thing that was on my 'to do' list. i went to podium and the schedule wasn't done because eric quit. apparently they need to revamp the entire schedule just because of him. last time i checked, we only have 10 servers on the schedule and eric only had at the very most, two shifts. is it really that hard to cover his shifts? everyone working wants shifts and we pretty much all have an open availability. incompetence is forgivable when you're making moving but it's not tolerated when you're making very close to zero dollars.

i'm back at the distillery. mike was more than happy to put me back on the schedule and diane was super happy. hurrah! i'd rather not go back but there's great holiday money to be made there.

i've eaten so many of those cookies. they're yum but i'm getting sick of them. i want to make cheese cakes but i haven't gotten around to buying a spring form pan. i wonder if my mother has one at the restaurant. i know that she has all of the tube pans for angelfood cake. i think i'm also going to try and make most of my christmas presents this year. i'm feeling broke therefore i must be 'frugal'.

i haven't been on speaking terms with my older brother in a few weeks now. it's really not affecting me because i didn't really talk to him all that much anyway. i think he's going through some sort of late adolescent rebellion right now. i figure because he lived with my aunt and uncle for his mid-late teens, he didn't have that phase where he hated our parents. i'm glad my younger brother's finally done with that phase. he's got the shortest temper out of the three of us.

my dad has major renovation plans for our house. he wants to expand part of the kitchen, redo some plumbing, punch windows into some walls, and move a lot of stuff around. the floor really needs to be redone. you can't run in our house for fear of falling through the floor. i need to get rid of the blinds in my room and get double curtains. white ones for during the day to let light in and darker ones for night time to block out the street lights. it's going to be so bright in that room compared to the basement that i've been living in for so long.

i gotta go plan my day tomorrow. i'm really wanting to actually get something(s) accomplished since i did absolutely nothing today.

Friday, October 01, 2004

chilly willy bake off

i baked cookies and froze my ass off in the wee hours of the morning. there are now two bags full of double chocolate chunk cookies. i wish that it was possible to make just a few cookies at once but no, you have to make at least a dozen.

it's really cold in my house right now. my brothers must have polar bear blubber because neither of them closed the windows yesterday. my older brother, andy, is currently sleeping in a pair of dark grey sweat pants with elastics around the ankle. he has his feet tucked into his sweat pants "astro boy style". my little brother, peter, pointed out that his lower half looks like a seal because his legs don't look like two human legs. more like a lazy seal lying on some sand or snow.

got a full day planned ahead of me. i'm going to:
  • go to work and get my schedule
  • go to hakim optical and check out some new frames
  • go to george brown and find out what the pre-reqs are for some courses
  • go to the bank
  • go find birthday cards and write them out
  • move more of my junk upstairs to my new/old bedroom

depending on what my schedule looks like, i may have to stop by the distillery and see what the situation there is. i only got two shifts this week and i cannot afford to work there if those are the kind of hours i'm going to get. hopefully there will be some room for me back at the slaughter house if i choose to head back that way (a step backwards i wouldn't be too happy about). mike got transferred back to the complex so hopefully he'll fire some people. i wonder if he's made people feel inadequate yet...

*deep breath* okay...time to go cross some things off the list.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

very tense

my shoulders are very tense now. i can't get my links to look the way i want them to in the side bar and it's really frustrating me. must ask melanie how she got hers to look the way they do. for some reason, my template didn't have a section where i could just fill in links. it would make everything so much easier for me. arg...gotta go eat some ice cream before i cry.

new journal

yay, i think i figured out how to use this. i just spent a very frustrating 15 minutes changing the name of this blog. arg...i think i'll like this blog better than my old one once i figure out how to use all the features. opendiary got hacked into and some of my entries are lost. they're taking a really long time to recover the entries so i decided to switch to blogger. i like the idea of having an url instead of going to a site and looking up a journal.

i am currently listening to joss stone's new cd, 'mind, body, & soul'. right now i prefer her first album but i haven't listened to all of this one yet. her first one is mostly covers and the new one of mainly original material (i think). i love her voice. too bad jason forgot to buy tickets last time she was in town. oh well, there's always next time. and i'll buy the tickets before the gig is sold out.

i developed some rolls of film today and it turns out that one of the rolls was blank and another was double exposed. damn camera/film rolls. i have an aps camera so i don't understand why the camera didn't tell me that i was out of shots and why the film canisters didn't tell me that the film was already exposed. time to invest in a digital. at least one roll of film turned out well.

i got my tna pants hemmed! hurrah! now i can wear them without looking ridiculous. i didn't intend on buying them when i walked into the store but i tried them on because i wanted to see how they'd look. i can't tell you how comfortable they are *sigh*. they're so soft and stretchy! good thing it's fall now and they're not coming out with anymore different colours because if they were, i'd go broke buying them. i think i'm going to lay off aritzia until the spring.

green grapes are the best. i'm only writing about this random topic because i just ate a bunch of them. they were great. nice and crisp. mushy grapes are worse than brown bananas. i am waiting for some bananas to go bad so i can make some bread with them.

haha, my mother just called me and told me to throw out her vioxx. apparently they cause 'cancer' now and that she's worried she'll forget that and taken them one day and then die. i don't understand why people are so afraid of everything. all those lab test are based on people who've been on the drug for a really long time or lab mice that are fed more of the drug/food in question than a human would ever consume at any one time. crazies.