Tuesday, August 02, 2005

small window...

ian and leah had in fact broken up. however, that was a really small window of opportunity that i missed because he is now dating his ex from before leah. what's with me and guys who are involved with their exes? maybe he'll break up with her too. who knows. really, he's a very trivial part of my thoughts. easily replaceable but there's just no one to replace him with. i wonder when nathan will start appealing to me again. it's been about three weeks so i'm guessing that will cycle around again in a week of two.

hmm, sidney's wedding is on saturday. i still don't know what i'm wearing. all i know if that i'm doing green or blue eyes and i've got earrings already. no dress. i think i have a bag already. i wonder if jennifer is going to bring her boyfriend. i'm not looking forward to piling into the family car for the ride all the way to niagara. i'm going to find out if there's room in one of the cars going out of mississauga. i would much rather sit in a minivan than our little corolla.

i need to dye my hair again. the dye jobs from the salons always fade so fast. it doesn't have quite the same time to set as it does when i dye my hair at home. of course, there's not much coupe bizzarre can do in comparison to my eight hours of sleep with dye in my hair. i did get it trimmed again too. it was starting to get messy and shapeless. i'm getting my brows done tomorrow (finally).

i went for a run today. i've realized that i can't run anywhere but on the track. i didn't pace myself very well and ended up running way to fast from the get go and had to stop a little while later. i did five laps last week which surprised me because i thought i would only get three done. if i run three times a week, i will hopefully be fit enough to run the 5km in october.

well, bed time (i think...i've been staring at my guitar for the past little while so i might fiddle with that for a while).