Tuesday, March 22, 2005

holy bikini batman!

yikes, i'm going slightly nuts with ebay and bikini's. so far, i've received one and i still have four more on the way. i feel well stocked now so i have to find something else to obsess about on ebay. i still need to get a white suit...your tan looks so good against a white suit. love it!! now i just need to lose some winter fat and then some 'baby fat' that just never went away.

hmm...i'm not quite sure what i think about nathan at this point. maybe when he moves in with peter and lisa he'll calm down. too much partying right now. he was talking to a girl at the underground last night and they had matching baseball caps on. coincidence? *eyebrow raised*

i saw "be cool" last night. the rock is the best part of the movie. well, vince vaughn playing a wigger was pretty good too. the story line was kinda all over the place but still enjoyable.

anyway, i suppose i should do some work since i am on the clock. if only i could live without money...alas...

Friday, March 11, 2005

don't single gals buy toilet paper too?

i was watching tv and noticed that new(ish) commercial for charmin toilet paper about what's softer than cotton. did anyone else notice that all three of the women in the ad are wearing wedding bands? do they think that only married women buy toiler paper? i'm sure singles care about the softness of their toilet paper too.

hmm...another ad that just annoyed me. the heritage commercial for the avro arrow. why do we listen to the americans? we should have just continued building it. the americans would have paid tons of cash for the patent.

wow, yet another ad that's stupid. i guess i should stop commenting on these commercials since there are shit loads of them. i hate the dating hotline commercials with horrible female actresses pretended to love chatting on the phone with random men that call.

i'm not feeling so glum anymore (hurrah!). so journalism is no longer a career path that i'm looking at. i've realized that i'll be happiest if i work with food in some way whether it's nutrition or cooking. we shall see where this path leads me.

something's wrong with the router in my house. i can connect outside of my house to other networks but it's always screwed up when i try to connect to my network at home. i went to the reference library the other day and was able to connect to tons of stuff.

i finally got new glasses!!! hurrah!! too bad they were out of my price range but hey, i've got six months interest free to pay them off. my old pair broke sunday night when i was racing for shot gun in will's car. i ended smacking the side of my head off the door and the arm broke off my frame. i felt like the biggest dork wearing broken glasses with one arm.

casting call at the distillery. this week's casting call was a bust. apparently the ad in the toronto star was was too small. this week we advertised in now magazine so the turn out should be much better and the applicants should be 'hipper' and hopefully hotter as well *fingers crossed*.

*yawn* lates.

Sunday, March 06, 2005


i am once again in a state of nothingness. i'm just here not doing anything. i feel like i'm drifting a big grey mass that has no boarders making it difficult to drift out of. i lack purpose right now. it's time for me to sit down and think about what i want to do with my life and write a five year plan. too bad writing one is much easier than following one.