Monday, February 09, 2009

busy as a bee

2009 has proven to be a bit challenging as far as my schedule goes. My week is comprised of five days of school, usually five days of work, two days of volleyball, and a day to spend with family and/or friends. Feeling a little stressed out, but on the bright side, I'm almost at the half way mark of this semester and April 17th is the magic date.

The other magic date right now is March 7th. That is the day I will fly out to Flagstaff, Arizona with Mimi and Claudia. Fun times!! No annual winter trip to NYC this year and no trip to a hot tropical locale, but I'm going to see the Grand Canyon. Horseback riding is in the plans and that's all I really know right now. After three nights in Arizona, we will be driving to Las Vegas to stay at the MGM Grand for three nights. So excited!!! Maybe I'll win a million bucks at the card tables or the slots. Wishful thinking? I hope not.

Time to go study for a law quiz. Blah. At least I'm actually interested in the subject.