Monday, February 28, 2005

never settle

i'm taking a break from cleaning up the remnants of my oscar party. nothing was broken and nothing was spilt (hurrah!). i have to vacuum the couches in a minute but i'd rather procrastinate for a minute because that's what i do best.

auston is the most annoying person i've ever met in my entire life. i don't know what the hell jen is thinking but she needs to dump him so badly. unfortunately, she has settled for what's around instead of what's actually good. he kept repeating everything over and over again tonight. and he was annoying jen too. i think she was annoyed because she could tell that i was annoyed. oh well, there's really nothing i can do about it. i'm just going to sit back, cross my fingers, and hope that whatever drug(s) she's on starts wearing off sooner rather than later.

ben showed up today. it was a nice surprise. i didn't think he would make it because he had a gig tonight and cj didn't make it. i'm fairly certain that him and nathan intended to take power naps and ended up falling asleep until tomorrow afternoon. if you deprive your body of sleep, it will automatically shut down. poor dumb boys. they really need to stop partying so hard all the time. it's starting to take its toll on them.

so i've decided that i don't want to get my journalism certificate. i think i'm going to go for my editing certificate. gotta start looking in to full time programmes. maybe i'll start something next january instead of this fall. i'm pretty sure that i've already missed the deadline for the fall semester. hmm...going to research that now before i put it off until it's too late.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

what pub?

well, it turns out that 1832 will not be properly renovated for whatever reason. no one really knows what's going on. the 'higher powers that be' had a meeting today and then announced that we wouldn't be closing down any time soon. it's not going to be a pub so they need to stop using that word. i was really excited to see relaunching of the place but now i just feel indifferent; yet again. i wouldn't want to sit in there all's too cold looking.

jen needs to calm her ass down. if she tells me one more time that she wants a swipe card i'll have no choice but to slap her. hello?? why don't you ask for you? did it ever occur to you that you don't have a card because you haven't asked for one? maybe if you asked for something instead of bitching about not having it, you would get it. two words: anger management.

i need to do laundry tonight. i'm going to try and pull an all-nighter today. get stuff done. gotta straighten up my room. such a mess. there are all of these plastic bags and newpapers on the floor. oh well. i need to also clean out my work space. i've been putting that off until i bought a computer and since i've just done that, time to get cleaning.

hmm..i'm watching law & order right now and i swear i just saw a shop that is in toronto on bloor. i'm they shoot in toronto?

speaking of shooting in toronto, i was on eastern today on my way to work and noticed some christmas decorations on the street lights. i had to think for a minute as to why they were up and then i remembered that the studios were right there. they're filming near the bakery that makes wonder bread.

i gotta dye my hair again tonight. you know your hair is really faded if the boys at work start telling you "hey, your hair's really yellow now, eh?" i want it to grow faster...need to fix this cut.

why is my forehead breaking out? not big huge zits but lots of little bumps. damn you winter!! this never happens in the summer. hmm...pms?

gotta go find something to snack on. i hate the munchies =(

Friday, February 11, 2005


well, that's pretty much what i've been doing all day. well, i went to work but i didn't do much else. i have to study for a psychology test that i have on monday. i was planning on doing that right away when i got home but then i got stuck on ebay. damn obsessive ebay!

i went to indigo after work because i needed to pick up a copy of on human bondage for my journalism class. i was happily surprised to find that the jolly postman is back in print. i picked up a copy for myself and one for oi. surprise #2 at indigo wasn't so good. my debit card got declined and i got a message saying "contact branch". when i got home, i called customer service and for some reason cibc has blocked my debit card. excuse me, did i do something wrong? and why didn't anyone call me to tell me that my card was blocked. or has someone been stalking me and tried to use my account number? it's all very mysterious.

haha, this morning at work, the head chef came out of the kitchen and asked me "is jerk-off around?" i was a bit taken back by that and asked "and which one is that?" i knew that he was referring to another manager but i needed him to be a little more specific. it's nice to know that jason uses "jerk-off" as a term of endearment for his best friend, peter. such a random man.

gary called me "big dubaya" in an e-mail today. i've told him never to call me that again unless he wants to receive multiple stabs to the chest.

my little brother is currently blow drying his hair. i don't understand his obsession with his hair. there have been points in time when his hair has been longer than mine. i think it's funny that he takes just as long, if not longer, to get ready to leave the house as i do.

i was on the bus yesterday and there was this girl sitting across from me. i was pretty sure that it was alex's girlfriend but i wasn't positive. i remembered her being prettier but i talked to alex and it was her. she's got a a little bit of turkey neck going on. hmm...right...that's the jealous 13 year-old in me who's still in love with alex talking. blech. i'm so glad i'm not 13 anymore. i felt like asking her "so, do you know that your boyfriend's a cheating bastard?" and i know that it seems like i wanted to say that just to start shit but i'm not lying. a cheating bastard he is.

i'm having an oscar night party at my house. i'm a little scared as to how many people are going to show up. it is still my parents' house after all. no smoking inside. hmm...i gotta make sure to have lots of paper towel on hand. this could get very messy.