Monday, May 11, 2009

eggs & laundry (not necessarily in that order)

As I no longer have en suite laundry, I now use the laundromat at Queen & Spadina. I don't really mind hauling my laundry two blocks considering that it is warm out and there is no snow on the ground. I plan on researching some wash'n'fold'deliver services come the winter time. Sure, going to the laundromat isn't as convenient as having en suite machines, but it sure cuts down on the actual time I spend doing laundry. After my first trip to the laundromat, I figured out my system.
  1. Wash whites, brights, and darks that need to go into the dryer.
  2. Once that load is done, load delicates and items that need to line dried into the wash.
  3. Load first load(s) into the dryer.
  4. Wait for first load(s) to dry, second load(s) to wash.
  5. Fold dry clothing and remove second load(s) from washer to be hung to dry at home.

I got two loads of laundry done in about an hour and fifteen minutes and it cost $7.00. I love look of the vintage dryers there. Probably not good for the environment, but I can use two of these huge machines and have dry clothes in 12 minutes. Now if you weigh that against the time it takes a load to dry in a machine at home (at least 40 minutes) then it may all work out to be the same environment wise.

After laundry, I walked home and hung stuff up to dry, installed a closet rod and unpacked a lot more clothing, and then went to work. I wanted to close because I'm going to the cottage this weekend, but I lost the draw. As I did not plan on contending with co-workers on closing, I did not plan on dinner. Solution: white rice with two over medium eggs and soy and broccoli with oyster sauce. I'd take that over a T.V. dinner any day. I now want to eat the rest of the blackberry yogurt in the fridge, but I will save it for breakfast.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

hands that heal

My left hand is wrinkled, dented, cut and swollen. The result of three and a half hours shucking oysters to help the wholesale department fill their orders (being Mothers' Day tomorrow, all the major hotels upped their usual orders). I am not accustomed to shucking for that long. I am contemplating sleeping with a sock on my left hand after I slather hand cream all over it.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

and the winners are...

Spaghetti with meat sauce and peanut butter cookies!!! I've been in my new apartment since April 17th and it took me until today to break in the kitchen. I am very relived that the stove and oven both work properly.

I've been very slowly getting my place together. All of my books are still downstairs in the basement of this place, but at least everything is under one roof. There have been many opportunities to get my place all set up, but let's face it, I am the worst procrastinator I know. I kept saying that I would use a raining day to get everything set up or that I would just go on a whirl wind cleaning/organizing spree, but neither of those things have occurred. I'm heading to Muskoka for Victoria Day weekend so my goal is to have everything in place by then. That will give me around eight days. Here's hoping.

I want to revamp this blog. The grey is too blah for me now and I'm over the pink. I will need for assistance for customization as I am not very versed with html. I need to think of some new clever theme or title and pick a colour scheme that reflects that. *sigh* I feel very uninspired right now. But on the bright side, I'm having a cold glass of milk with a freshly baked peanut butter cookie. Maybe I will be inspired tomorrow...