Saturday, July 25, 2009

ancient chinese secret

I was at King's Noodle House earlier this week having a bowl of congee because I was too lazy to cook anything at home and I wanted to buy some oranges. The lay out of the restaurant have several smaller 2 and 4-top tables against the walls and four large round tables that can seat up to 10 or so. When solo diners come in, they often seat them at these round tables with other people dining on their own.

So there I was sitting at one of these round tables happily eating a bowl of congee with bbq duck (I friggin' love bbq duck) and reading a NOW magazine, and over hearing the other patrons' conversations at the table. I couldn't help listening in on some older Chinese men who were commenting on how "many gwai lo know how to use chopsticks now." I looked around and saw a few non-Asian people in the place and they were all using chopsticks. I was chuckling inside because these Chinese men appeared to be slightly astonished and a little irritated about this. I guess in their mind chopsticks are only for Asians. Sorry dudes, ancient Chinese secret no more.

Mood: amused

Listening to: buckets of rain fall from the sky