Tuesday, July 19, 2005

donkey ass!

well, my day has sucked donkey ass today. i can't really say that about the entire day. here's the breakdown:

1) i bought an ipod mini online today. it's pink and i got it engraved with "don't ask" on the first line and "don't tell" on the first line. so if anyone finds a pink ipod mini with that etched on the back of it, please contact me and there will be a reward for it.

2) i finally got down to coupe bizzarre and got my hair done. i feel really self conscious right now because it's really bright - like day-glo. a few washes and it'll be toned down.

3) i've decided that i'm not longer in love with nathan and am in fact 'in love' with ian the bartender. if only my fickle heart would make up its damned mind. the only problem with that is that i don't know if he's gotten back together with his ex-girlfriend. they work together and a lot of really odd things have happened since the broke up so there's a lot of hazy grey area right now. i really should just go up to him and ask him but there is never a good opportunity. i was going to ask him yesterday when i left the bar but a herd of people walked in and kept him occupied.

i don't know what the hell is going on!! he looked so damn good last night too. i was pretty sure that he was interested two-three weeks ago but i didn't respond to any of his signals because i wanted to give him and his ex that reconciliation period just in case anything happened. and guess what? it did! at least that's what i'm thinking. jen thinks that they just got drunk a few times and fell into bed with each other because they had just broken up and it's easy to do that when you have history with someone. i'm not so sure.

i wish everything was cut and dry. it would make it much easier on me. yes, that's right, i want the entire world to bend and fold just to make my life easier.

hopefully i will get a chance to ask him sometime this week. i'm fairly certain that he's dating leah again but i would feel better about this whole situation if i knew. wow, i haven't been so stressed about a boy in a long while.

jen made a good observation tonight: why is it that i have huge crushed on boys who work with their ex-girlfriends? i don't know, apparently it's just my luck.

time for bed and to contemplate my love life [lack there of].

Friday, July 15, 2005

online at last

finally, i'm all hooked up to the internet at home. i can't really say "finally" because it's completely my own fault for not hooking it up sooner. i'm waiting for multiple loads of laundry right now so i thought it would be a good idea to plug in. too bad i don't have a desk and my laptop is currently perched on top of a milk create. i thought that i would be able to bypass the entire student living phase but alas...

well, let's see what's happened since i last updated...

1) i have been promoted to 'event coordinator' at work. i have a desk job!! eek...i do like having a nine to fiver but i do miss being a jackass on the floor as well. i think i'm going to start bartending or serving some of the parties that liz or peter books. show these new people how to really work a function.

2) i've fallen in and out of love with brandon flowers, ian the bartender, nathan, and i'm currently in love with j.d. from 'rockstar inxs'. i really need to get a life. did anyone else know that brandon flowers is mormon and he's getting married to his long time girlfriend in october? i'm not a stalker, i swear on my first born.

3) steve asked me out and i said "no" due to my business ethics. sorry buddy, i can't be seeing an executive sous chef. if he ever questions why i sleep with nathan occasionally, i can say "we slept with each other way before we got our promotions so we're really on the same levels of authority. you however, have much more power that me [in theory] therefore, i can't sleep with you even if i wanted to [which i don't]".

4) i did the 'bell city chase' with my friend, mel, two saturdays ago. i must have sweated off at least 10 pounds worth of water weight. we ran all over the city in high quality (read: thick!) dark navy t-shirts. there were tons of cute boys doing the chase too. ladies, if you want to meet a bunch of hot guys, start participating in some sports league. even if you don't talk to them, there's plenty of eye candy.

that's all that i can think of right now but a lot of other stuff has happened.

i saw the killers and joss stone in one week. both shows were great. i can't believe that they're both such good live acts. tegan and sara opened for the killers and they sucked the life blood out of the crowd when they played after louis the 14th. as talented as those twins are, they should not have been slotted between those two bands. joss stone is huge! i mean physically, she's got to be at least a foot taller than me.

i've got so much work to do tomorrow. i wish fridays were my 'lite' days. i usually end up having to stay late for one reason or another. last week i ended up staying three hours longer than i intended to. i was almost out the door when i heard my name being called...i should have just pretended not to hear. but i'm not the type of person to screw over my fellow co-workers so i have to always turn around when i hear someone call my name.

i'm going to download some music now. more updates to come... =)