Friday, August 22, 2008

the countdown

I haven't really started a countdown yet but I suppose I should. I'm sitting on the porch of the log cabin at Duff's and I'm rather relaxed and don't really want to think about what the fall will bring.

I didn't get around to rearranging my bedroom and I'm not beating myself up over it. That can wait. Really, it's been waiting for over a year so what's another few weeks? I need to do some back-to-school shopping because I no longer have a massive supply of three-ringed lined paper in my closet (my parents were nuts when it came to stock piling things that were on sale) and I also need (translate: want) new clothes for the fall. My summer wardrobe consists of twenty some odd sun dresses and those won't do in George Brown because the air conditioning in there is cranked to the max. Not very green of them.

I do look forward to being busy and having a happy roommate. She has clinched a new job at Chatelaine and I'm sure she'll be much happier there and do very well. Maybe we'll go back-to-school/new-job shopping together as I'm sure she'll want to get some more clothing too. I have tons of office clothing left over from my last job but nothing that I really want to go to classes in. Banana Republic power suits are a little too much for college English. But I really don't want to be a student that shows up every day in Lululemon pants. C'mon ladies, yes, those are expensive pants but you can and should try to look a little more professional than that. It is just class but there are a lot of people in that building that can help you build your career.

My boyfriend is moving a tool shed. The plan was to do nothing but lay around on the dock and go for the occasional swim but he got roped into doing some rather hard looking physical labour. He how has a sledge hammer in his hands. I'm not really sure why they're moving a tool shed with just two people. Would it not be easier to get some machinery in here to haul it up the slight hill it's on? I've worked my way up to painting one of the cottages, prepping dinners, and doing the dishses. There will be no heavy lifting/pulling/pushing on my part. In fact, I think it's time for me to attempted another crossword puzzle.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

under pressure

So school starts for real on Tuesday, September 2nd. I say "for real" because this time I'm really going as a full-time student rather than just part-time classes here and there. I'm excited to get back to class and finally earn my post secondary diploma (maybe a degree) because it's long overdue. I got sucked into working right after high school and while I had fun and learned a lot working in restaurants, I really should have gone back to school a lot sooner than now. Regardless, I'm happy to be going now. Although it would have been nice for classes to start the second week of September instead of right after Labour Day.

So here comes the pressure. I don't know how intense my course load will be but I want to keep full-time hours at work. I probably won't be spending as much money as I do right now because I won't have as much free time to to spend it but I'm a little concerned if that will be enough to offset my income if I do have to cut back on hours at work.

Time isn't on my side either. I feel like I have so much stuff to get done before school starts. I really want to get my furniture rearranged and I need a new dresser and maybe a new book shelf and my room desperately needs a good cleaning. All of this wouldn't be a problem if I was such a procrastinator and just tidied my room every now and then instead of letting become a total disaster area. I'm on vacation for the last two weeks of August so I essentially want to get everything done this week.

Now onto another type of pressure: my wisdom teeth. My lower right tooth is starting to grow out more and because it's impacted, it is pushing on the rest of my teeth. It now hurts to yawn and there is discomfort when I bite down. I was due for a routine cleaning about a month ago so it's just another thing I'm putting off. Hopefully I can get an appointment before the end of the week and get my name on the surgery list to get my wisdom teeth taken care of. My cousin recently got two removed but I have to get ALL FOUR yanked. Not looking forward to it.

I did get my eyes checked last week so at least there's one thing I can scratch off of my long overdue to-do list. Now on with the rest of it. *sigh*