Sunday, January 30, 2005


i'm going to see 'childstar' in a little bit with some friends i used to work with. kristin's actually in it and it's kinda weird sitting in a theatre watching a film when one of the stars is sitting beside you. it's actually kinda cool too. except her last movie had her do a nude scene so we all saw her titties. it was quite funny.

i was at coxwell station the other day and saw some kids getting transfers over and over again. i looked over at the transfer box and remembered how much more fun they were when i was a kid. does anyone else remember the old transfer boxes on the ttc? inside of that round gold button that senses pressure, there was a big red button that made a big chopping sound when you pushed it and the transfer would be spat out at you? i wish they still had those. they were faster that the new ones. not as easy to read but way more fun.

i have a menu test at work, a profile due for magazine writing, and a lot of reading to do in psych. i definitely forgot what it's like to be a student.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

dye in my hair

i'm dying my hair pink again. i got it bleached again by marcus at coupe bizzarre and he took forever to do it. he foiled the bleach and the dye. the colour that he used faded out really fast and i figured i should stop being so lazy and just slap the dye in my hair.

i am now an 'assistant event coordinator' at the distillery. i work with a very tight-ass woman and a very fun gay man. haha...they balance each other out quit nicely. and i've inherited a lap top from the old event coordinator that got fired. all the vowels either stick or are super sensitive. it makes e-mailing a biatch and a half.

i've decided that i'm going to buy a laptop within the next month. i did the math and it turns out that all i have to work is clock in full hours for two weeks and i'm good to go. i have enough hard cash stashed away right now that it won't affect my account balances. hurrah! now i can move into my room and stay there. no more wondering "what the hell is this shit on andy's screen?!?!"

gotta go decide what kind of lap top i want. "according to my research..."

Monday, January 17, 2005


i chatted with my cousin, jennifer, online today for the first time ever. she lived in newmarket when we were kids so we didn't hang out or talk much. anyway, it was cool talking to her. i did poorly on a test she put on her blog.

for those of you who think you know me, take my quiz. there's also a scoreboard. how did you measure up?

Sunday, January 02, 2005

i want out

i want to move out of this house. it's so damn loud in here and there's no where to go to hide from it. i don't understand why my family insists on yelling from one room to another inside of walking over to the person they want to talk to and speak at a normal volume level. it's driving me mental. why don't my parents understand that sometimes i don't want to talk and i just want it to be quiet? for fuck's sake! 'i am slowly going crazy...' i'm going to aim to move out in the summer or spring if possible. i just want to have my own space that people aren't allowed in unless they're invited.

ahh...nice venting. well, not that nice since i'm still annoyed and pissed off.

new year's was good. it was a bust in 1832. there definitely wasn't the 600 people that we had last year but i preferred it. i didn't bartend that much because it wasn't busy enough for three of us to be working the one bar. i ended up polishing and rolling a lot of cutlery.

the after party was fun. we all ended up going to eryn's which was great because she had just moved into a place that was right up the street. dean got booze from work and baker and i stole some juices and pop from work for mix.

i ended up falling asleep on a bean bag chair. dean told me that i was snoring really loudly and that nathan and chudi had a good laugh at my expense. *shrug* hey, i know i snore, can't really do anything about it. i think i might have sleep apnea. i should probably go talk to my doctor about it.

gotta full schedule soon. i haven't signed up for classes yet but i'm going to later tonight when peter goes to work. i can't use andy's computer because he doesn't have a printer. ugh...i'm going to be taking a magazine writing course and fucking chris r from work is taking it too. she's such an outsider. i don't mind working with her and talking to her at work but i am not looking forward to having a class with her. i hope there are cool people in the course to pair up with for group projects.

*yawn* enough negativity for now. maybe more later.

happy new year everybody.