Wednesday, March 22, 2006

it'll all be over soon

two classes done, one more to go. at least for this semester. next semester stars in mid april and i still haven't decided how many classes i'm going to take. i'm thinking that i'm only going to take two classes. three in a row doesn't leave much time for anything once you add in work. i just come home and crash.

my presentation in host communications went really well today. i did not expect to get 81% and i'm sure my partner didn't either. we lost marks because i spoke too quickly at times and she didn't speak loud enough for most of the presentation. i suppose that goes to show her shy personality and my inability to speak slowly. waitress mentality - the sooner you can get through your script with one table, the sooner you can get to the next.

i'm thinking about taking some classes at the second city. i went and saw janet's show this past saturday and it was really good. i knew i should have taken drama instead of instrumental music in grade 9. i think you should be required to take more art classes in highschool. i'm also looking into getting vocal classes too. maybe join a choir somewhere.

disgruntling in the workplace. i'm not really sure what the management team will look like one week from one. from the way things are unfolding, it appears that a lot of old staff are coming back. managers and floor staff. i think we're all just waiting to see what simon's going to do. everyone in the kitchen hates him and don't respect him and he doesn't really seem to have an important role there. he's going on vacation next week so he's either going to hand in his resignation or they're going to package him out.

anyway, time to take a look at my last and final project this semester. i'm working with a crazy girl that wants everything done right away. a white and younger version of my mother??

Monday, March 20, 2006

tick tock, tick tock

as the clock winds down, my site assignment that is due later today at 6:30pm is no more complete than it was yesterday. i suppose i should hop on it now. wow, school was so much easier when i didn't work full time.

and my stomach is currently playing an intense game of dodge ball with itself. it does not help that my father just light a cigarette in the house as cigarette smoke upsets my stomach regardless of whether or not i already have a stomach ache. fun times...

back to site...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

a quiz made for mimi

Cheese Pizza

Traditional and comforting.
You focus on living a quality life.
You're not easily impressed with novelty.
Yet, you easily impress others.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

no more (warm) sunshine & pina colodas

today was my first full day back from the dominican and i was slightly confused today when i woke up on mimi's floor. i spend the last four days waking up early, going to a breakfast buffet and then lying in the sun like the lazy ass i wish i could be year round. it was odd not having to walk to the beach in my pjs to claimed a much desired hut. to all those people who did not get huts: sucks to be your sun burnt ass!

i'm just waiting for peter to finish doing the dishes so i can take a shower. i must deep condition my hair. the salt water feels gross after it dries in your hair. my skin is nicely exfoliated though. i burned a little but nothing too too bad. just my nose is peeling and bright red at the moment. i got a giant bottle of aloe vera gel so i will be smearing that on when i feel inflamed.

peter picked up a digital camera for me in my absence. sometimes he's a good little brother =) i must pay him back tomorrow. the camera's normally $499 but it was on sale for $349. i love deals. i still need to buy a memory card and a case for it. what am i going to do with my old camera? perhaps muckle or my father will want it. i have to get all my punta cana pictures off of it tomorrow.

time to shower and do some reading before bed. more from freezing cold toronto soon...