Sunday, February 26, 2006

sunshine & pina coladas

that's what i'm hoping for anyway. the forecast for the first three days i'm in punta cana say bright sunny skies but clouds on the fourth. no biggie as long as i get some prime tanning done early in my visit. i've yet to complete packing. most of the required clothing is packed but i haven't gotten to toiletries yet. i need to make a quick stop at shoppers tomorrow morning. we'll see though. it just snowed and i may decide that i can live without a few things.

not much has happened since i last posted. just going through the motions of my day to day life. i bought tragically hip tickets during my manager meeting at work on friday. the gm can't get mad at me if two of the tickets are for him (not free of charge - that would be unethical). jen nearly had a heart attack when i told i got eight tickets. i'm hoping to ebay a set to some crazy hip fans. i'm sure there are some die hard fans out there that didn't get tickets.

anyway, back to packing and i must also complete my homework assignment on brainstorming and themes.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

a period of adjusting

yes, that what this is. a period of adjusting. moving home, adjusting to a new boss, school - oh the many things i must deal with. alright, time to stop being mellow dramatic. c'mon, i'm going to punta cana in 25 days. i can deal with everything until then. and i may be going to montreal for a management retreat on the monday right after i return. nothing wrong with that.

i had oysters, new england clam chowder, and two bottles of keith's for dinner tonight. i love oysters. too bad they're so bloody expensive. i just need to win the lotto and live a life of gluttony. hmm...on second thought, maybe no. being a fatso is not something that i'm interested in.

since moving home, i've started to gain weight. i used to walk home four nights out of the week when i lived in the annex but the walk home to my parents' house is not the safest. if only parliament wasn't such a dodgy street once the sun sets. it won't be so bad in the summer but right now it's down right scary. i walked home the other day along king/queen and there were times when i wish i wasn't walking. not kosher what so ever.

i would continue to blog but i had a late night yesterday and the day before. how i do love dining out and bar hopping though. alas...