Thursday, November 24, 2005

are you alright?

that is the question that was posed to me multiple times throughout the day today by various levels of staff. um, no, i'm not alright. i'm actually rather stressed out and no, i do not care to speak about it - that would only take up precious minutes that i could spend catching up on work. the holiday season is starting to kick my ass and i haven't even begun my holiday shopping. it looks like i may be taking some bar shifts soon so hopefully i'll just be too exhausted to be stressed. is it wrong to feel that everyone around you is incompetent?

i'm very disappointed with the james blunt album. i'm hoping that it's one of those cds that takes a few listens before you really get into it. was i wrong to assume that the album would be good because it kicked coldplay off the uk charts after months of being numero uno? i am now listening to old john mayer albums.

it's snowing out which means that people are going to start driving like morons. why is it that precipitation makes people break suddenly? and then there are those who prefer to drive with excess speed but have difficulties controlling their vehicles. *shrug* i am going to stick with the ttc until the spring. i should really go get my g2.

so the talk with peter turned out to be nothing. apparently stacey and i are being perceived as "bossy" by some of the staff. well no shit - i was bossy as a server, did you expect me not to be bossy as an event manager? we weren't given any specific names of who these complaints were coming from but i don't really care.

so jen still hasn't found a roommate for sure yet. a friend of a friend came on tuesday to check the place out and said that she needed to talk to her landlord since she isn't giving him 60 days. i don't know what the hell jen is doing but i would be a little more concerned about finding someone to fill my room. if she doesn't find a roommate for january, she's either going to really piss our landlord off or she's going to have to pony up double her rent. i told her over a month ago that i was moving home.

wow, this whole entry was just a bunch of rants. i really hope i'm not angry tomorrow. nobody better irritate me tomorrow. i'm not sure i could refrain from kicking them in the head if they do. oh, if the kitchen runs late on my event tomorrow, i will spit venom.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

concerts & movies, these are a few of my favourite things!

i went to nin last thursday and jann arden last saturday, "jarhead" on thursdays and "pride & prejudice" today. which were all very good. trent reznor had giant pumped up arms, jann arden was quite witty with her banter, "jarhead" starred an incredibly hot jake gyllenhaal, and "pride & prejudice" was a nice break from all of the hollywood blockbusters i've seen lately. i'm going to see "harry potter & the goblet of fire" in imax tomorrow. yay!! lots of stuff. and i just bought a whack of cds so i'm very content at the moment. now if only i could type properly on this laptop. i'm so used to typing on my work laptop that i'm rather slow on this one.

i was supposed to go see jeff's band and then ian's band yesterday but jen was sick and jeff's couldn't get us on the guests list for his show. sorry man, i would have loved to show my support by going to your gig, but i am not paying $35 when you're opening for fozzy. they have a show lined up at the horseshoe on the 2nd so i'll go to that instead. five dollar cover is much easier to cough up than $35. i would have liked to go to ian's show but by then i was already home and settled. i will have to apologize the next time he slings me a beer. i've already missed two of his shows so i feel bad. oh well, maybe you should have made a move instead of sitting on the fence when you were single. but then again, i don't know if he's still with his girlfriend.

i have to go to work tomorrow for 11am. i really wish i hadn't scheduled a site inspection that early. and what's with all the weddings? that seems to be the only things on my to-do lists now. i have ten couples waiting for quotes. i'm going to put expiry dates on the quotes to get them to sign contracts and make deposits faster. i'm not wasting my time with people who are "still deciding on a venue". if only i could avoid weekend site inspections.

so stacey and i are getting a talking to from peter on monday. apparently some people have expressed their concerns/views about the events team. i personally don't care because i don't feel that anything is wrong but stacey is upset. she needs to stop internalizing things. luckily i'm naturally emotionally detached from many things as it is so i'm fine. i do wonder what's been said and by who. i suppose i could prod will's brain for the inside scoop but that's just too much effort since peter will tell me everything on monday. i really hope it doesn't put a dark cloud over the entire day.

i must now import my new cds into itunes. i may blog more later. i may not.

i always knew i was a little off...

You Are 31 Years Old
Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.
13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.
20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.
30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!
40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

so according to this test, i behave ten years older than i am. i'm not all that surprised.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

you look familiar...

that was the opening line in my last client meeting today. turns out i may be booking a wedding for a girl that was in my grade 10 BOA class with. her name's tara but i thought she was another tara that i had come across in another walk of life. thank god she wasn't the dumb ass tara that i had in mind. although i really hope she's not marrying who she was dating in highschool. he's a thug. i find it odd that she's already engaged. i don't remember her being in my class but she couldn't have been that much older. 23 max. too young for me to be getting married but hey, different strokes.

i'm at my parents' house again. i hopped on the 172 bus forgetting that it doesn't go to pape station on weekends and ended up making a round trip from the distillery front gates to cherry beach before i made it to union station. i wonder why the bus driver didn't ask me where i was going when we reached the last stop on the loop. jackass.

union station was crusty. there was a leafs home game tonight so it was full of people heading to the acc. why is it that people refuse to eat a proper dinner at home before heading down instead of grabbing mickey d's on the way? it just doesn't make any sense to me because the mcdonald's in union station doesn't have any seating.

the leafs were wearing their white jerseys today. i'm slightly confused over the league's usage of all the jerseys. they were wearing their dark colours at home for the past season and today the leafs had their "home" jerseys" on. hmm...that's a jen questions. i'll ask her when i get home.

mel's really going away to mexico on monday. i told her that i would get "planet of the apes" mask and wear it to her party tomorrow. one thing i have to hunt for tomorrow. i hope malabar has restocked all of their stuff. halloween raped them clean of everything. i don't know if i really want to put that mask on because i don't think i'll want it on my face all night. although it's really funny. mel's going to have her video camera out all night so it may be worth it just to see people's reactions on film at a later date. i still have to get my halloween pictures developed to. so much stuff to do tomorrow. and quotes...i hate working from home.

anyway, time to hop back on to the marvelous ttc and head back to 590.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

a flash of light, a crash of drums

that's what my head felt (and is still feeling) like all day. i have these random sharp stabbing pains on the right side of my skull. piercing headaches. i wish i knew what they were. they happen randomly all the time but when i'm sick, they come more often. especially if i turn my head too fast or get up to quickly. everyone in the office keeps asking me if i'm okay (i haven't been my perky self these past few days) and they get very concerned looks on their faces when i grab the side of my head in pain. yay, they care about me, they really do!

my body is really sore too. my whole body is aching. i have to bartend tomorrow so hopefully i'll feel better. stacey offered me some of her perks but she said i wouldn't be able to bartend on them. dammit! i was really hoping to make working tomorrow a tranquil haze. do i have valium left anywhere?

anyway, i gotta go home now (i'm at my parents'). i'll probably blog more later when my headache is keeping me awake.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

i think i'm dying...

this past week has not been the slightest bit fun. well, i can't say that. i did a fair bit of partying but now all the fun's over. i've had a killer headache for the past two days (i ended up napping in the vip room for an hour today while waiting for a site inspection - too bad she cancelled 15 minutes prior to our appointment) and i may have to get a biopsy. actually, i probably have to get one. there has been no change to the infamous lump since labour day weekend.

what did you guys do for hallowe'en? i worked at 1 up and it sucked ass! the manager was such a sleaze bag. brent, you owe me BIG TIME!! oh, how i do miss working with brent though. i would put up with sleaze bag to work a few nights with brent. fun times.

nathan had a hallowe'en party at his place on monday. i borrowed an inflatable bull rider costume from jen. i had by far the best get up...except for maybe will, he was dressed up as uma thurman from kill bill (yellow track suit) with boobies and all. mel went all 80's out circa "flash dance". fun times!! peter was dressed as a ballerina bunny and the boys kept lighting his tail on fire. kelly and mark had the greatest "couples" costume i've seen in a long time. they were the "spy vs. spy" characters and they looked awesome.

i ended up making out with this guy phil, a friend of some friends. i feel really dirty about it now. oh well, what's done is done. he works on site in the coffee shop so it looks like i'll be boycotting cappuccinos for a while. actually, there's a lot of stuff that i'm going to have to boycott because of that - lots of mutual friends.

i'm moving home!! i don't want to but i do at the same time. i won't have to pay rent (though i'll be paying some of the bills) but no where near $700 a month. and i'll have my mama's home cooking too. i haven't told my parents yet. i need to figure out a way to get them to let me paint my room. there is only really two full walls so it shouldn't take long. maybe my daddy will do it for me =)

anyway, i gotta go pay rent and make some soup. maybe it'll make my headache go away. until next time...