Wednesday, October 21, 2009

hello? is it me you're looking for?

I have been searching non-stop for the past week or so. What have I been looking for, you ask? Let's see....

1) A new apartment
My sweet deal of an apartment is coming to an end. The original plan was for me to live in my amazing apartment until they tore it down for condos. There was no definite timeline as to when this development would start, so my rent has been below market price. The floor isn't finished and some of the lights don't work, but it was a good trade off for the low rent I'm paying. Unfortunately for me, the plan has now changed and condos will not be going up any time in the next five years. Therefore, my landlord is now looking to renovate my place and start charging market rent, which I cannot afford. Bah. I am now looking into room share options on Craigslist. I'm looking for December 1st so probably have better luck after the 1st as a lot of postings are still searching for November 1st tenants.

2) A kick-ass internship
Next week is intersession week at GBC and that means there will only be another seven weeks of school after that for this term. I've been told that where your career goes post-school depends greatly on where you do your internship. I will be sending out resumes and filling out applications like mad once I get back from Cuba. I will also be shamelessly asking friends and family for any and all connections they may have to the event planning world.

3) Volunteer opportunities
Volunteer opportunities are all over the place, however they are not always in fields I'm interested in nor are they always taking place when I'm available. I'm signing up to volunteer at as many events as my schedule will allow. Upcoming events for me include Nightwood Theatre's 4x4 Festival and the Mary Lynn Higgins Youth Fund 4th Annual Pub Night and Silent Auction.

So if you know of any amazing people looking for a roommate or have any connections to event planners that are looking for interns and/or volunteers, drop me a line.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in my never-ending search!

Feeling: a little overwhelmed

Listening to: kids screaming from the daycare across the street or cats being skinned alive, I can't really tell which.

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