Friday, October 09, 2009


I put a pink streak in the back of my hair after a couple years of solid black locks. I now remember a few things about having pink hair.

1) It's a pain in the ass to maintain
Pink washes out of my hair so quickly that it turns a strange orange shade before I know it. It looks great the next day after a fresh dye job, but I should be dying my hair once a week or so to maintain it. I just can't really be bothered. I will live with the strange orange shades.

2) Sometimes I look stupid
Usually when I'm carrying my hot pink gym bag, listening to my iPod that's in a pink carrying case, and when I'm wearing a pink top. Yes, I do all those things at the same time. I realize that I'm doing all those things at the same time, but I'm not buying another gym bag nor am I buying another iPod case, and some times I just want to wear that pink top. Oh, and it's raining today so I'm giving my eyes a break from contacts and opting to wear glasses today. I just looked in the mirror and realized that I'm wearing my dark pink/red glasses. I am now reaching for my copper pair of glasses.

3) People have weird reactions
Little girls tend to stare; I think mostly because they're attracted to hot pink as a colour. Some older people will give me disapproving looks (surprisingly, my mother has not said a word about it) when I'm on the streetcar. I last noticed this when I was sitting behind four punk rockers that were loud and obviously hadn't bathed themselves in recent days. I hope that old woman was able to distinguish me from them. Other times people will pause and have to think for a moment, as if asking themselves, "did I really just see pink hair or am I going nuts?" I like to let them think that they're going nuts.

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Anonymous said...

I like the pink streak